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Our Work

Our experience working with clients ranges from providing public relations and counsel to a leading soft-drink manufacturer and a major homebuilder to consulting with a celebrity fashion designer to create accessible wear. A sampling of our work includes:

  • Consulting with a soft-drink manufacturer on ways to better leverage its employee disability network in the marketplace; providing strategic communications for a new marketing campaign
  • Delivering public relations, thought leadership and strategic communications for Think Beyond the Label, a national campaign to employ more people with disabilities
  • Providing disability advocacy and public relations to the Shepherd Center, a top spinal and brain injury rehab center, including for its marquis wheelchair sports event
  • Serving on the organizing committee for the 1996 Paralympic Games, and directing creative services and communications
  • Helping a software company launch a new iPhone app for people with low vision
  • Generating social media buzz for a Chicago healthcare advocacy that serves people with disabilities
  • Writing a monthly newsletter for a disability recruitment firm
  • Creating an “accessible” product idea for Russell Simmons’ Baby Phat line
  • Partnering with Dillard’s, VANS, JJill, and other retailers to train associates on how to style models with and without disabilities for a fashion show