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Strategic Communications

Essential to your communications outreach is the effort put towards your most important audiences – your customers and employees. We develop and execute communications plans targeted to your key constituencies, as well as content development and production coordination of collateral materials to support that outreach. From blogs and newsletters, to annual and CSR reports, to press releases and thought leadership, we work to connect stakeholders to your innovation and inclusion endeavors, elicit their feedback and positive word-of-mouth, and ensure your overarching purpose is reflected in your brand.

Media Relations

Our approach to media relations at the national, regional and local levels as well as through disability influencers focuses on showcasing your company as a leader and innovator in working with and engaging the disability community, as well as positioning your spokespeople as go-to resources. We are experienced and successful at turning research findings, product innovations, diversity and inclusion programs and interesting ideas into feature coverage in leading print publications as well as broadcast and online outlets.

Social Media

We can manage and monitor your social media presence to build awareness for your disability initiatives and help you effectively engage and socialize with the PWD community. Our tactics are designed to help you reach your goals and deliver powerful, quantifiable results. Our capabilities also include digital marketing such as social media campaigns, videos, microsites, and online experiences that weave in brand messaging and enable you to meaningfully interact with PWD audiences.

Trend Research

We have cultivated an online network of PWD influencers who we can leverage through surveys, focus groups, and product review panels to deliver powerful consumer insights and feedback to our clients. We also create customized market trend research and reports that give you a unique glimpse into your target PWD audience – all of which can be used to position your brand, create compelling products and services, and shape your content, marketing and communications campaigns.